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Tibberton Early Years

Learning to play, playing to learn.

Tibberton Early Years
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Here are some photos of just a few of our activities
The children have the opportunity to use the large apparatus in the school hall every week. They discuss the rules and then enjoy the physical challenge of climbing, sliding, scrambling and jumping. We also use the hall, fiel on other occasions when we need a large indoor space for performance, music, dance, parachute games etc.


Forest School
We have a wonderful forest area and the children enjoy exploring the natural environment, where they are allowed to take calculated risks under the close supervision of the staff.
Environmental Garden

This is another outside area we share with the school. There are areas for play, including a climbing platform,a wildlife pond where the children enjoy pond-dipping, and raised beds for gardening

        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                      

Outdoor Play
We have lots of space to play outside whatever the weather. Our enclosed garden has a water feature, and under the canopy there is a large covered sandpit. The children also enjoy lots of space for water play and riding on the bikes and very popular didi cars.

P1140052 small.jpg         Picture   
Art and Craft
The children enjoy a host of creative activities indoors and out. They have opportunities to explore many different art and craft materials on small and large scales. 

       210115 (23) (640x480).jpg            P9180025 (640x480).jpg    Picture 
The children have lots of opportunities to try their hand at cooking - over the past year the children have baked cakes, cookies, jam tarts, bread rolls, mini quiches as well as making our own pasta, home-grown salads, houmous and pizzas.

We encourage all the children to develop a love of books. There are lots of times for sharing stories in large and small groups and the children are welcome to choose to look at a book at anytime.

Small Group Time
All children will have time to engage in focussed learning in small groups with a member of staff. This is a time for us to focus on their learning needs and interests as well as preparing them for the move to school.


Snack time
This is a social time of day when the children sit in small groups and take responsibility for helping to serve their snack. As well as enjoying a variety of health and tasty food, there are lots of opportunities for counting, sharing and chatting.

Music making and singing are part of our daily activities. The children are also encouraged to listen to different types of music and respond through dance and movement. We have lots of instruments for the children to explore but also encourage them to make their own instruments and explore sounds. 
If your child stays for lunch you can choose for them to bring their own packed lunch or have a hot dinner.


Special Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year we organise activities and events such as a Nativity Service at the local church, Chinese New Year and Diwali celebrations shared with the school reception class and other special events such as the Jubilee and Royal Wedding. Our children also participate in the school end of year production.



             Visit to Gloucester Cathedral                                                    Maypole Dancing for May Day


                  Feeding lambs at Anna's farm                                                        Some owls came to visit nursery
                               Activities with reception class to celebrate Diwali
        Making a dragon for our Chinese New Year Celebration                    Exploring Harvest Materials


Nativity Service in Tibberton Church