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British Values 


Ofsted have changed the way that pre-schools are inspected and from September 2015 preschools are required to teach ‘British Values’. We are already concentrating on teaching children values and respect, but we have updated our curriculum to reflect the changes. 

We aim to: 

· Teach children to be proud to be British, this includes celebrating both British traditions and the diversity of other traditions in Britain 

· Ensure children are not being radicalised at an early age.  This mean staff are watching out for and checking that children are safe and secure in all environments.

· Ensure children are safe and healthy.  Children are encouraged to explore healthy food and activity.

· Encourage children to be the best they can possibly be. 

· Promote democracy – everyone has a voice and is listened to. The class rules that the children decide are a good example of this.

· Promote the rule of law – teaching children right from wrong. 

· Teach mutual respect and tolerance - ensuring children have the right to say ‘no’ and be respected for their choices; 

· Include world religions and festivals in our planning to teach children about the world in which they live; linking children’s learning so they understand they are part of a much wider world through cooking, songs, celebrations , etc. 

· Deliver circle time that promotes personal social and emotional development.


Sometimes we give specific ‘activities’ to teach our children British values but in the majority of teaching the values will be embedded in everyday activities and policy. We teach our children that it is possible to live together peacefully, each of them a valuable part of our multicultural world.