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Fees from September 2013
Hourly Rate £5.50 an hour
Nursery Education Funded Sessions.
Tibberton Early Years offers 15 free hours for children in the term after they are three years old, from 9am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday.
Children claiming Nursery Grant will have free care for up to 15 hours of preschool education, this may be shared between settings. Any extra hours will be charged at normal fee rate.

Your child can do more hours than their free entitlement and these will be charged at the normal hourly rate.
Our Administrator, Lucy Chadderton, deals with waiting lists, invoices etc. or 01452 790469

Bursary and Pupil Premium



At Tibberton Early Years it is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. There are two ways we can do this:-


  • Bursary funded by Friends and Relatives of Tibberton Early Years
  • Pupil Premium funded by the LA


Children supported in these ways will benefit from specific support from staff.  This may be in a small group or 1 to 1.  They may have a specific plan written for them or be given access to extra sessions to enhance their education and learning development.  The extra funds may be used to fund lunches, trips, staff time or equipment as appropriate.  The impact of the funding will be measured and a simple statement of intent published on the website.



Bursary Guidelines

If you wish to know more about bursary funding please talk to the head teacher in confidence.


Pupil Premium Guidelines

Pupil premium is provided by the LA as part of the NEG.  If families qualify for the extra funding of PP it is paid directly to the provider once a term. 

Tibberton Early Years

Fees and Nursery Education Grants

5.4 Fees and Nursery Grants Policy


Policy Statement

It is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.



The Nursery Manager has the current details of rates.  Fees are not charged for In-Service days or holidays. 


There are 3 terms; they fall roughly as September to December, January to April and May to July.


Notice of changes

Staff are employed on a term in advance basis and as such a full terms (12 weeks) notice is required if your child is leaving nursery. If less notice is given, we still require payment for the notice period and/or nursery grants claimed.   A full terms notice is also required if a child is to reduce hours. If less notice is given, we still require payment for the notice period and/or nursery grants claimed.  Increasing hours will be at the discretion of management and the availability of staff.



Fees will be invoiced via email at three periods in the year.  These invoices will cover the child’s regular hours, snacks and ingredients used in the children’s cooking programme.  Fees will be charged from the date of the first Induction Session.  An Advisory Invoice will be sent approximately two weeks before the end of term, followed by an invoice that is due for immediate payment before the end of the current term.


Fees are charged a term in advance, to allow management to employ and rota staff appropriately.  Any extra hours taken during term time will be added to the next term’s fees.  In the case of those children leaving TEY at the end of the Summer term an invoice will be sent at the end of term. 


In the event that parents wish to pay in installments, this will only be acceptable if paid by Standing Orders designated on set dates, up to a maximum of three payments to cover the fees.


All fees to be paid by BACS ('Banker's Automated Clearing Services'); the account details are:


Tibberton Early Years

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 30-93-48

Account Number: 04577352

Reference: Your family name


Nursery Grants

Parents can apply for Nursery education grants to give their child up to 15 free hours of nursery education a week at preschools. The Nursery provides free sessions from 9am to 12 noon each day.  Nursery grants will be automatically applied to your child in the term AFTER they are 3 years old.  If your child attends more than two settings the County Council will allocate the free 15 hours according to their rules.  This allocation will be indicated on your invoice.


The Nursery grant will be used to give children their entitled free hours.  The Nursery will not take the amount off of your child’s invoice total, but will actually allocate the free hours and then charge at the fee rate for the rest of the hours not covered under the free entitlement.


Fees unpaid and arrears

Any fees unpaid after the invoice date will be charged at £1 a session/week.  We hope you will appreciate that we are unable to allow fees to slip into arrears. Failure to pay the fees on time may result in the loss of your child's place. If fees are outstanding, and if no payment is made within 7 days, the nursery will refuse the entry of that child to nursery and start debt collection procedures.


Any fees unpaid by the end of term will result in debt collection, and any expenses this incurs will be added to fees.


Fees during Absence

If your child is absent from the nursery during term time due to sickness or holiday the full fee must be paid for the place.  Under exceptional circumstances arrangements will be made to reduce fees to a holding amount only.


Nursery Holidays and Closures

We are open for 38 weeks per year. The holidays are fixed and fall within the local school holidays at Christmas, Easter, and Whitsun and Summer.  We will notify you each September of these dates.  Each year we hold five in-service days when the nursery is closed within these 38 weeks. You will be given advance notice of these closures.  Fees are not charged for staff training days. In extreme circumstances nurseries may be closed at short notice due to floods, staff shortages, failure of services, natural disasters, snow or adverse weather conditions, etc; fees will not be refunded in these circumstances (see Emergency Closure Procedures).


When can my child get funded nursery education?

Children in Gloucestershire qualify for funded nursery education in the term after their third birthday.  The point at which your child qualifies depends on the date of their birthday, but this could be up to five months after their third birthday.  Your childcare or nursery education provider will be able to tell you when your child qualifies. Your child will be able to have up to fifteen hours each week during school term times.  The amount of nursery education that is funded changes from time to time.  Your childcare or nursery education provider will be able to tell you what is currently available.


How do I claim the funding?

Claiming the funding is simple.  Your childcare or nursery education provider will be able to tell you when your child qualifies and what you need to do.  The funding will be paid directly to your childcare or nursery education provider. 


Next steps and more information...

Your childcare provider will be able to tell you when your child qualifies for Nursery Education Funding and will deal with the relevant paperwork.  Parents do not need to download any of the nursery education funding forms on this website.  The County Council's Family Information Service can tell you more about nursery education funding.  They can also help you find a registered childcare or nursery education provider.  Phone 0800 542 02 02 or email:  


You can also search for childcare and nursery education providers through the Family Information Service website.


This Policy was reviewed in January 2016  by Amanda Horniman (Head) and Sheila Johnson (Registrar).